a Personal Note

To all of my Loyal Customers:

I am richly blessed to have hundreds of wonderful customers that take the time to share feedback and information about their experiences with using our whelping products. I have enjoyed getting acquainted with dog breeders from all over the world from whom I gather information and ideas on a daily basis. I especially enjoy the photos and videos that are shared! All puppies are adorable and I am always delighted to see them wearing their colorful puppy bands and playing on their puppy play gyms! I have a tremendous love for all animals, especially dogs. There isn't anything in the world I would rather be doing. A big thank you to all of my loyal customers and dog friends who make this possible. May God Bless all of you.....and all of those sweet babies!   

​~ Donna    

Our Mission

Whelping Helpers for Breeders  

PUPPiES iN BLOOM™ evolved after several years of cumulative breeding and whelping experiences. Over the years we have tested and used  many different dog and puppy products for whelping and raising puppies.  We have developed some new ideas of our own along the way, creating what we believe to be useful tools for breeders. Some of these items are on our website today, and others are still to come. We plan to introduce new products from time to time. Currently we are in the process of obtaining a patent on our Early Development Puppy Play Gym which was created and designed exclusively by PUPPiES iN BLOOM™. Our goal is to keep things simple and organized for the busy breeder, and provide stimulating fun for the puppies while the grow and develop. Our color coordinated Puppy ID Bands and Record Keeping Charts greatly simplify the process of keeping good records on all the pups in a litter. Responsible breeders understand the importance of keeping track of each puppy. Our products are sold all over the world to novice breeders, hobby breeders and experienced breeders of merit. 

We are actively involved in AKC conformation, obedience training, and we have puppies on occasion. We breed for quality and healthy puppies for show homes and pet companions. Many of our clients are store owners from all over the world. We offer wholesale prices for bulk orders; and we offer discounts to Kennel Clubs who showcase our products in auctions. 

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