Record Keeping Charts for Breeders
Puppy ID Bands

Welcome to your source for breeder favorites! During the time of whelping, it can often be chaotic and confusing. Sometimes the breeder will become very tired or stressed from the long wait. It can be nearly impossible to distinguish one puppy from another as they are being whelped, making it difficult to record important details on each puppy. Puppies in Bloom™ has created a colorful and easy way to identify each puppy and keep detailed records from the moment of birth. Our Puppy ID Bands are multi-colored to make it easy to identify all the puppies in a litter according to the color of his collar. Our color-coded Record Keeping Charts are designed to work together with the ID Bands, to assist the breeder with recording important details about each puppy. Puppy identification and record keeping has never been so simple. We suggest you order your ID Bands and puppy charts well in advance in order to have everything ready for your whelping needs. 

For the breeder interested in early neurological stimulation (smart puppies), we have a unique Puppy Play Gym designed to encourage early stimulation and cognitive development. Use your imagination to create a fun filled puppy play gym by hanging different kinds of toys on the upper bars, changing them frequently to keep things interesting.